Asia Super Excellence Master Award of Direct Sales 2014

Firaxis won the Most Potential Company of Asia Super Excellence Master Award of Direct Sales 2014 and 2015.

With the impressive performance, Firaxis being selected by Asia Pacific International Brand Book records for the Asia Super Excellence Master Award of Direct Sale – Most Potential Company. There is no fluke for winning the award. This was driven by the outstanding power of board leader; Mr. Eric Ng who introduced high-quality product. The product has formed excellent reputation in the market and it created extraordinary corporate image and produce a dazzling performance!

The Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition is a third-party international certification for enterprises, brands, products and entrepreneurs. It is also a strategic international platform for corporate communication among outstanding enterprises in Asia Pacific region.

Since the year of 2002, Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition has managed to help enterprises:

  • Identify outstanding and reliable business conduct
  • Provide deep and effective publicity to expand global business opportunities
  • Cultivate a network of valuable human resources in the field of business, through many CEO Gathering, Trip Mission, Trade Exhibitions and International Events in a year
  • Develop strong marketing tools, bring rapid expansion of business, improve sales performances and create greater profit margins

Certificate of Appointment

Sole Designated Anti-Aging Health Products

I-DNA Deer Placenta

The 11th China-ASEAN Expo

Outstanding Entrepreneurs Forum China-ASEAN Exposition

With the theme of “China-ASEAN new business opportunity of Outstanding Entrepreneurs Forum”, the 11th CAEXPO kicked off on September 18, 2014 at the Chinese Grand Nanning International Exhibition Centre. The 11th CAEXPO launched the Special Guest Country mechanism. The new mechanism expanded service coverage of the CAEXPO from the “10+1” cooperation and allowed it to bring new global business opportunities for China and the 10 ASEAN countries and beyond. While Firaxis was being awarded at this Forum as Sole designated anti-aging care products – I-DNA Deer Placenta, Firaxis definitely was given a high degree of recognition! Firaxis also makes use of this platform to create more business opportunities by promoting our corporate brand for the all dimension global development. Our hundred years of business foundation start from here….